Safe drinking water

Water is essential for life, health and prosperity. The UN Millennium Development Goal targeted provision of potable drinking water for half the proportion of people who do not have access to safe drinking water by the year 2015.

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safe water supply

We help to build bore hole pumps to facilitate access to safe drinking water to rural schools and local communities. This has reduced the number of children missing school due to illness quite often caused by water-borne diseases.

We build safe water wells

The Help Cameroon foundation focuses on rural primary schools in areas where most households live in some of the poorest conditions, areas where safe drinking water is often kilometers away from homes, where the water that is more readily accessible is unsafe for drinking and are often breeding sites for mosquitoes and related malaria problems. Often these are surface water such as ponds, lakes, creeks or streams that are also vulnerable to sewage contamination. 

It is for this reason that Help Cameroon are raising funds to build and service boreholes and other means of water supply to improve rural access to safe drinking water and reduce the risk of water-borne or water related diseases. Primary schools that have received such water points have shown reduced problems with water-borne/ water related diseases. The improvements in the health of the children have also resulted in their better academic performances.

Water-borne disease

Cameroon is unlikely to meet this target due to the lack of required resources (expertise and funds). This had forced a larger population in Cameroon to continue to rely on drinking water that is unsafe. They are therefore exposed to the widespread of water-borne disease such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera and bilharzia. Safe drinking water reduces these risks of common preventable diseases.

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