Micro-credit for women

We aim to support women who are shown to be entrepreneurial in agriculture & business and by giving them access to mirco-credit in order to get their initial ideas off the ground.

income projects

We organize girls and women groups and facilitate training in business skills and access to resources they need to improve their income.


We realise modern and large-scale agricultural production, reduce post-harvest losses, we help women better cope with the increasingly unpredictable weather, do local value-adding (drying, packaging, other forms of processing), and secure lucrative local and export markets for cocoa, cassava, fruits, spices, vegetables, poultry, piggery, beekeeping, etc. All our work aim to let this potentially lucrative modern agricultural market for agricultural products in this region flourish. It is going to require a lot of professional and financial inputs and we are here to support that.

Business services

Compliance services (accounting, legal), human resource capacity development (training, mentoring, extension services), warehousing, transport and logistics, trade services (marketing and export services), financial services, security, lease of machines, etc. The lack of such services especially in remote and under-developed regions has significantly hindered their growth and right for especially women to properly enjoy civilisation.

Donate here

If you would like to contribute to help women make meaningful contributions to the Cameroonian economy by starting their own businesses, then please help us by donating here below.