Health Care

For decades, many healthcare facilities (hospitals and dispensaries) have been built in Cameroon to improve access to healthcare. These healthcare facilities are often run by very dedicated and hardworking doctors, nurses and other staffs who operate under very difficult conditions often without many of the basic items such as proper surgical tables, x-ray machines, microscopes, gloves and electricity.


Providing access to live saving emergency medical care, sourcing medical equipment and supplies, and promoting primary healthcare.

disabled child

Lacking in supplies

Basic items are missing or are in such poor conditions that they need to be immediately replaced. The healthcare workers really need these items and supplies to professionally serve the sick. In the Netherlands hospitals, healthcare equipment and infrastructures are regularly replaced even though they are still in excellent and functional conditions.

We provide hospital materials

The Help Cameroon foundation collects such medical equipment and donations of medical supplies from Dutch hospitals and both sells and gifts these to support the hospitals in Cameroon who are badly in need of them. We have already made three of such medical items  shipments and this has been a big boost to local healthcare personnel. Our plan is to improve the collection of such support in the Netherlands by ensuring that they are properly checked and serviced before they are shipped to Cameroon. We also plan to strengthen our team that monitors the equipment in Cameroon to ensure that the equipment is used for the intended purpose to serve the needy rural communities.

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