About us

Individuals and private agencies in Cameroon are developing a positive mindset toward helping poor children bridge the gap between them and their wealthier counterparts. By providing access to quality education and live healthy and prosperous lives.  Help Cameroon foundation aims to be an active part of this positive change. By raising funds, learning materials, and providing infrastructures like safe drinking water, sport centers, medical supplies and equipment for children to thrive.

about us

At Help Cameroon Foundation, We strive to create equal opportunities for children from poor backgrounds to ease their access to high quality education in Cameroon by facilitating access to  various basic infrastructures for their schools like clean water for primary school children, some key medical supplies for hospitals and medical/humanitarian support to social, physical and/or economically vulnerable groups.

For over 5 -10 years, Help Cameroon Foundation has prioritized the immediate intervention to help ensure that children, who are our leaders of tomorrow, all can get fair chance for a better future through the provision of basic infrastructures like drinking water, health supplies, learning materials and even scholarship schemes to facilitates up-to-standard and high quality education and improving their standard of living. Our immediate focus is on supporting existing primary schools and healthcare services in critical areas. And we also facilitate self-help projects especially for women in terms of easier access to micro-credit facilities so that will enable them to take better care of both themselves and their wards. Also of particular importance to us are girls and single mothers infected by HIV/AIDS, many of whom their inability to further their education were driven by poverty into prostitution and now are trapped with their children in the hopeless situation.

our vision

We work to develop a society where all children irrespective of their financial background can go to school and receive education that will be beneficial to them and their dreams, where people in remote areas can also have easy access to basic amenities like safe drinking water that can promote progressive habit towards learning, where men and women with a physical deformation can enjoy life once again, just like you and I, without being stigmatized because of their physical disabilities.

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